A device used to manipulate materials without direct contact. The applications were originally for dealing with radioactive or biohazardous materials, using robotic arms, or they were used in inaccessible places.

Remote handling devices in hot-cell
Decontamination and decommissioning

Servo-manipulator A1000S

· The arm A1000S arises from the product range of the power manipulator A1000, which has achieved a reputation of reliability and robustness. The A1000S keeps all the ad-vantages of this approved machine and has been developed to have six degrees of freedom (6 D.O.F.), making the A1000S a robot with Cartesian control function. The A1000S is suitable for installation on a pre-positioning system as shown in the image below or on a combination of bridge, carriage and telescope. (standard A1000 system)

· Tasks

- Handling of radioactive objects

- Dismantling / decommissioning

- Decontamination

- Maintenance

- Heavy duty work in hot cells

※ These data are only an example of one configuration of the manipulator. Thanks to a modular construction the pre-positioning system, its hand-ling capacity and handling range can be adapted to your specifications.

Max. vertical range 7.1m A1000 arm axes 6 joint axes + 1 tool axis
Max. horizontal range 4m D.O.F(degrees of freedom 6 D.O.F
A 1000S arm length 2.5m Pre-positionining system 3 axes
Max. load capacity 100kg Drive system DC & AC Servo Motors
Motion axes type Articulated

· The Servo Manipulator has been designed to work in hostile environments.

- Precise movements and control

- Nearly maintenance free

- External mechanical emergency drives for all joint

- No external wiring

- Easily decontaminable coating

- Remote exchangeability of arm segments

Robot system TELBOT

· Optimum link length and joint combination for each customer application

· Wide working area with unlimited joint rotation

· Long and slim structure offers excellent accessibility, e.g. long reach through narrow spaces

· High repeat accuracy with zero back-lash

· High resistance against hazardous environments: radiation, heat, dust, explosive gas

· Easy maintenance, long life

Payload 10 – 1200 N Gripper force 1200 ~4500N
Torque 15 – 2500 Nm Degree of freedom 6 D.O.F. / 7 D.O.F. + gripper axis
Reach length 1 – 4 m (or more, depending on the payload) Joint angle range Multi-turn
Number of motors Max. 8 motors Protection IP65 (underwater optional)
Radiation resistance 1 MGy

· The TELBOT® can be operated with different types of control devices.

- Switch and lever panel

- Joystick

- Master arm

- JOYARM II, 6-DOF haptic master device


· The JOYARM is an innovative universal operating device for all kinds of multi-axis robots. In the past, many kinds of remote operating devices for robots have been developed worldwide: joysticks, master-arms, haptic devices, etc... Operators sometimes need intuitive, more precise control, and other times rough but very quick positioning. What counts in real-life applications is a low level of stress and fatigue resulting from operation. The JOYARM has been developed to solve these problems.

· The JOYARM was designed to provide ideal ergonomics for operators in order to minimize fatigue, independent from the slave-manipulator structure.

· To improve the functionality, the JOYARM has a feature that combines the advantages of conventional joysticks and bilateral master-arms. The name JOYARM is composed of Joystick and master-Arm. With one device, operators can realize precise motion control such as that provided by a joystick and then switch to the intuitive quick positioning offered by master-slave control systems.

· The JOYARM sends commands with 6 D.O.F. for position/rotation and receives 6 D.O.F. force/torque feed-back in a Cartesian coordinate frame. The JOYARM also offers numerous possible applications as a haptic device.

Number of axes 6 axes ( X, Y, Z, θx, θy, θz ) + gripper Force feedback 6 axes ( Fx, Fy, Fz, Tx, Ty, Tz)
Signal output / input 6 encoders, 1 analogue, 7 switches / 4 lamps, 1 buzzer Maximum force Fxyz 20N, Txyz 150N cm at center of wrist


The V1000 is based on the A1000 series and has been developed especially for the nuclear industry. The V1000 is a remote controlled vehicle with a handling capacity of 100 kg. You can use the vehicle inside and outside on almost any terrain. With battery you can work via radio up to 12 hours.

· Keep It Simple and Smart

- A simple operation is important even in critical situations and for inexperienced users.

- Like the A1000, the maintenance of the V1000 is easy (e.g. easy exchangeable electronics). In short time, you can exchange the subassemblies without special tools.

- Proven subassemblies of the A1000

· Customisable

- Variable chassis size

- Various drive systems

- Various control systems

· Modular

- Flat loading and mounting surfaces

- Tailor-made modules

- Adaptable even during operation

- Numerous modules and tools from the A1000

Fields of Application

Handling of radioactive objects Explosive material disposal / handling Decontamination Dismantling / decommissioning
Maintenance Rescue Surveillance Explosive material disposal / handling


Radio and cable control

Navigation via live camera image and optional GPS positioning
Handheld control with approx. 0.5kg


Length x width x height Approx.. 1250 x 750 x 400 (mm) Weight Approx. 250 kg (without load and arm)
Max. speed Approx. 6 km./h Loading area Approx. 850 mm x 350 mm
Payload Approx. 250 kg Protection dass IP65(IP67 optional)
Mobility Outdoor / indoor
(on road, off road, stairs, doors, water fording…)
Operation time Internal power-supply : approx. 3 hours
External power-supply : unlimited


Type A1000(HWM standard quality and capabilities) Arm length 1670 mm
Payload 100 kg Tongs dosing force Approx. 2000 N
Axes 7 Protection dass IP65(IP67 optional

Power manipulator A1000


- Tasks with heavy loads

- Tasks in Underwater

- SPC control system (a computer based control system)

- Easy to maintain

- Designed for long service life by the highest material quality

- Various applications

Arm Capacity Weight 200~500 kg Arm Length 1000 ~ 4000 mm
Radiation-Resistant 1000000 Gy Telescope Length 1000 ~ 5000 mm

Decommission using Power Manipulator

Since the high-level radioactive zone can not be accessed by a person, decommissioning operation is performed using the power manipulator

Telescopic Master-slave Manipulator A100

· Quick separation of working arm, operating arm and through wall tube.

· Developed for endurance and long service life.

· Modularity - working arm, operating arm and through wall tube are interchangeable.

· The possibilities for exchanging arms, jaws, tools, adaptors or load hooks are endless.

· The cold arm is attached to the through tube with just four bolts. All counter weights and electric drives, as well as their electrical control elements, are attached to the cold arm outside of the cell and are therefore easily accessible.

· The manipulator is suitable for use both by right and left handed operators.

· The jaws and tongs are easily changeable, even when protective sleeves (bootings) are used.

· The system's perfect balance reduces operator strain.

· An economical solution with short delivery times.

· Fast service and repair (available worldwide).

The a100 of Walischmiller Engineering meets all the reequipments placed on a hot cell master-slave handling system

Our A100 is built to the highest quality and precisions standard

Design Capacity

· With the expiration of the life of Kori Unit 1 in 2017, the decommissioning work began.

· Demand for nuclear decommissioning will continue to increase.


■ Decommissioning 1

■ Operating 24

■ Under Construction 5

Division Plant Commerial Design Life Shutdown NWe Type
1 Kori unit 1 ’72.05.31 (’77.06.19) 30 ’17.06.18 587 PWR
2 Wolsung unit 1 ’78.02.15 (’82.11.21) 30 ’22.11.20 679 PWR
3 Kori unit 2 ’83.08.10 40 ’23.08.09 650 PWR
4 Kori unit 3 ’84.09.29 40 ’24.09.28 950 PWR
26 New Kori unit 3 ‘17.12.31 60 ’77.12.31 1,455 PWR
27 New Hanul unit 1 18.12.31 60 ’78.12.31 1,455 PWR
28 New kori 6 19.12.31 60 ’79.12.31 1,455 PWR

Decommissioning Schedule of NPP

Number of units starting Decommissioning (incl. planned plants)

Year ~’20 ’20 ~ ‘30 ’20 ~ ‘30 ’30 ~ ‘40 ’40 ~ ‘50 ’50 ~ ‘60 ’60 ~ ‘70
No Extended Op. 2 10 4 4 4 8 7
10 yr Extended Op. 1 1 10 4 4 4 -

· The cost of decommissioning the first nuclear power plant is 643.7 billion won(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

· Korea decommissioning market is estimated total 191 trillion 311 billion won.

· VICTEX has technology of decommissioning, decontamination, and Spent nuclear fuel handling