VICTEX’s deburring system

Automated or manual deburring system can selectively remove unnecessary burrs on the surface of CNC laser machined parts and injection molded parts.

Feature of VICTEX’s deburring sysetm

· Deburring without any damage of product

· Can control deburring power without changing air pressure and consumption of pellet

· Automated and manual deburring system : customizing for Quantity and condition

Automated smart phone deburring system

Manual smart phone deburring system

Low price than automated system but low productivity

Dry ice smart phone deburring

Before & After #1

Before & After #2

Before & After #3

Various deburring system

Deburring Test

Printer screw deburring test

Deburring test result

Observation with an electron microscope confirms that the burr was completely removed without damaging the product.

Smart phone deburring