Heavy-ion accelerator project

· A Key research facility of the Institute for Basic Science. the key infrastructure of next-generation research on basic sciences in Korea.

· Future Bureau of Creativity / IBS

· Location : Sindong District, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

· Total cost of business : Equipment construction 460.2 billion won, facility 969.6 billion won

· Specification : 200MeV/u (Uranium) Beam energy & 400kW beam output

Principle of heavy ion accelerator

Heavy ion accelerator use heavy ions or heavy elements such as helium, uranium, or carbon element that are heavier than hydrogen. When they travel near the speed of light and collide with their targets, rare isotopes (elements with the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons) are obtained. 

Heavy ion accelerator

Heavy ion accelerator

Delivered and installed Target module, which is a core equipment of ISOL RI-beam generation, and mock-up hot-cell for remote maintenance to IBS(Institue of Basic Science)

· Designed TIS module and mock-up hot cell

· Performance test for qualifying operation characteristic

· Establishing maintenance procedures for remote operation of TIS on-site

· Main construction equipment

· Target, TIS, front-end system

· Hot cell structure and operation system of TIS module

· TIS module vacuum system / Utility and beam line

· Manipulator and accessories

· Interlock / Control / Monitoring system

Arrangement of ISOL facility

Hot Cells
Target & Ion Source Storage Locker
Irradiated-target Storage
Pre-separator Room
Target Station

Hot cell – Mock up